On Online Games’ Account Trades and Online Bullying

Your abusive mouth bullying people in online games can only mean you're the noob you're berating against.

Mictoteaching Vaganza

Holy goodness.

When life gives you trouble

Just be grateful since dead people have no trouble at all. —Aldi

Blog Design

Why this blog has simple designs compared to other rich blogs?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Collection of Account Sale and Trade

Stop account trade and rank-pushing commissions in MLBB. Take part in the initiative by submitting your screenshot here, and feast yourself with the gallery of illegal practices that have been driving players mad for ages!

How Sociology Can Help You Live a Better Life

Despite being blocked by the Writer's Block, I managed to jot out a single short post covering a topic I so want to discuss.

My Rafaela Build on MLBB

You think Rafaela is worthless to be used in ranked mode? You think you can just go berate and abuse Rafaela players? You think Rafaela users are newbies with a lack of skills? Boy, you sure are a naive arrogant noob bastard. Here's why.

Commenting on News, Today!

There are some news articles that I think I'd love to comment on. There's no better place to give comments other than a space of my own in the web. Interested in what I think of Indonesia's MD3 law? Come on in.

On Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Lately, playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are dramatically harder than what it used to be. Turns out it isn't because of the game mechanics, but is because of some players lacking skills who somehow managed to reach the top ranks illegally.

The Ellen Show Saved My Day

I have decided.